Hindus have a universal doctrine

They see God in the Many

And they have compassion for all


Very few people know that Nostradamus, the famous French astrologer & doctor of the 16th century, who foresaw Hitler’s rise, the Iraq war, or the Wall Street collapse, made quite a few predictions about India, both in old French and Latin, the language of the learned of these days.

For instance, in his Quatrain N° III.3, he predicts the Tsunami of 2000:   

Mars & Mercure, & l’argent ioint ensemble,

Vers le Midy extreme ficcité:

Au fond d’Asie et des Indes, on dira terre tremble,

Et la mer se levera.

It’s the line Au fond d’Asie et des Indes on dira terre tremble which tells it all: “in the depth of Asia, and India, the earth will shake and the sea will rise.

He also prophesized the rise of the ISIS & Al Qaeda, as well as India’s suffering:

En Arabie naîtra un roi puissant de la loi de…

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One thought on “NOSTRADAMUS & INDIA

  1. The main thing Nostradamus predicted for the years 2001-2028 is a slowly accelerating 27 year war between Islam and Christianity. Within a few more years America will be temporarily knocked down, Europe will be invaded and WWIII will be fully under way. Russia, China, and India will all be at war – and as I interpret the prophecies, Nostradamus specifically describes India being on the victorious side against Islam. Read: Nostradamus And The Islamic Invasion Of Europe –


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